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Bathroom Remodelling

The great advantage of carrying out bathrooms remodelling with URBAN is to be able to count on the professional guidance of an Architect, who will elaborate a unique proposal, fit to the space in question.

The professionals URBAN OBRAS team thinks every single question through such as, for example, the correct definition of your storage needs, the distances to open the doors and drawers without affecting the available area, as well as, the ideal lighting to grant vastness to your bathroom.

Once the remodelling of your bathroom is finished, you will have a more enjoyable, functional space, playing its role in the daily well-being of the whole family.

We have a quite diversified offer for bathroom remodellings. In terms of floors and covering materials, sanitary wares and bathroom accessories, that together with the creativity of our team, result in a truly surprising work.

A bathroom can have countless styles: a sober space, with more or less color or a SPA style, resorting to more exotic materials, such as bamboo or teak.

Our main goal in a complete remodelling is for the bathroom to meet the style and personal taste of whoever uses it. After all, it is one of the essential areas of the house!

Contact us and request a bathroom remodelling proposal, without any commitment.

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