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Conditions of Use

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Make sure you carefully read the Terms and Conditions presented in this page, given that any use of this website means you accept the Terms and Conditions presented here in.

The use of the terms “we”, “NBrand”, “our” and “NBrand Group” refer to NBrand and to any of its brands and will be used in the most adequate way according to the context. “You” refers to any person who visits and/or uses this webpage.

Privacy Policy

The NBrand Group is committed to ensuring a quality service to all its customers and website visitors including in aspects related to their privacy.

Although we use every means at our disposal to ensure the exactitude and the integrity of the information present in this webpage, we do not take any responsibility, in any case, if the information provided is not exact or complete.

Any change you make to the contents provided in this webpage will be carried out at your own risk. You are therefore responsible for the monitoring of such changes.

When you submit information in the websites of the NBrand Group you guarantee, simultaneously, that you are responsible for its contents, that it is not defamatory, and that its use by the NBrand Group will not violate the rights of any third person nor any applicable legislation. The NBrand Group is under no obligation to use the provided information.

Personal Information

Personal information is requested in the contact forms, franchising information requests and employment form. It is to be noted that your personal information will only be used to respond to your request.

Your information shall also be used in our database to send you information regarding the NBrand Group.

Your information shall not be transmitted to third parties and will be used exclusively and internally by the NBrand Group.

If you enter your email address in our website, you will receive information regarding the NBrand Group by email.

If you no longer wish to receive information regarding the NBrand Group, you may send us an email with that request.


To ensure the security of your data and a maximum confidentiality, we handle the information you give us in a completely confidential way, in accordance with our internal security and confidentiality policies and procedures.

Intellectual Property Rights

® Brand Registered at the NIIP – National Institute of Industrial Property. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights inherent in the texts, images and other contents in general provided in this website, are the property of the NBrand Group or used by it with the authorization of the respective owner.

You are allowed to navigate and reproduce extracts of contents from this website through printing with the purpose of divulging it to other individuals. This situation is only authorized if copyrights and other intellectual rights are respected and provided the brand presented above is mentioned in these reproductions. The total or partial reproduction of the website for commercial purposes is forbidden, as well as its alteration or incorporation in any other article, publication or website.

Any trademarks, logos or other distinctive signs present in this website (hereafter referred to as a whole under the name “trademarks”) are the property of NBrand Lda. No content of this website shall be interpreted as the concession of a license, authorization or right to use any trademark mentioned herein. The use or incorrect or abusive utilization of the trademarks or of any other contents of this website are strictly forbidden, except in the cases mentioned in these Terms and Conditions. We warn that the NBrand Group shall use all the legal mechanisms at its disposal to protect and reinforce its rights of intellectual property.

Links to other websites

In the websites of the NBrand Group you might find links to access other websites that do not belong to the NBrand Group. Therefore, the NBrand Group shall take no responsibility for the contents, exactitude, credibility and functionalities of websites belonging to third parties. The availability of such links is made in good faith; as a result, the NBrand Group shall not be held responsible for the changes that might occur in websites belonging to third parties.

The presence of links to other websites not belonging to the NBrand Group doesn’t result in any kind of assumption of responsibility regarding these websites. We strongly recommend you to get information and read carefully the legal information and privacy policies of all the websites you visit.

Warranties and Disclaimer of Liability

The way you use this website and its contents is exclusively at your own risk.

This website is made available to you with the content that is currently present in it. As a result, the NBrand Group doesn’t provide any kind of warranties whether explicit or implicit, legal or of any other kind (namely warranties of implied merchantability, or satisfaction of the quality level and of adequacy to a specific end), including warranties or commitments that the content of this webpage is complete, exact, correct, reliable, updated, that your access to this page shall be uninterrupted and error-free and that it doesn’t contain any viruses, neither does it guarantee that the website is safe and that any advice or opinion from the NBrand Group acquired through this website shall be correct or reliable, and, therefore, no commitment or warranty shall be given regarding the aspects mentioned herein.

Take into account that, in some jurisdictions, some exclusions of implied warranty might not be admitted. As a result, some of these exclusions may not apply to you. Please consult the respective local applicable legislation.

The NBrand Group reserves the right, at any moment and without previous notice, to reduce, suspend or cancel the access to the website or to part of it and to any functionality present in this page.


The NBrand Group and/or any other part involved in the process of creation, production and development of this website shall not, in any case, be held responsible for direct and/or indirect, fortuitous, patrimonial and/or non-patrimonial damages, for arising damages or loss of profits or any other damages and/or costs resulting from your access, use or incapacity to use, from the alteration of this website or any other website you might access through a link existing in this website, caused by any measure we might adopt, or fail to adopt, as a result of an electronic message you might have sent to us.

The NBrand Group and/or third parties involved in the process of creation, production and development of this website disclaim any liability in the maintenance of the content and services that are available in this website or in their correction, update, or removal. All the contents of this website are subject to alterations without previous notice.

The NBrand Group shall not be held responsible for losses and/or damages caused by viruses that might affect your computer or any other equipment as a result of your accessing, using or downloading contents from this website. If you choose to download contents from this website, you shall do it at your own risk.

With the maximum amplitude allowed by the applicable legislation, the user agrees to expressly renounce making any complaint against the NBrand Group and its directors, collaborators, suppliers and programmers that might result from the use or access to this webpage.

Forbidden Activities

Any activities that might be considered by the NBrand Group as inappropriate and/or susceptible to be illegal according to the legislation applicable to this webpage are forbidden, including but not limited to:

  • Any act that might constitute a violation of privacy (including sending to this website private information without the consent of the person in question) or of any other legal right of private individuals;
  • Use this website to defame and/or insult the NBrand Group, its collaborators, or other private individuals and/or corporate bodies, or act in a way that might discredit the reputation of the NBrand Group;
  • Send to this website files containing viruses that may cause damages to the property of the NBrand Group or to the property of other private individuals;
  • To post or transmit to this website any unauthorized content, including but not limited to, contents that might probably cause, in our understanding, damages or that might violate de security systems of the NBrand Group network or of third parties, contents that might be defaming, racists, obscene, threatening, of pornographic content or including contents that are likely to be qualified as illicit in general. 

Jurisdiction and Applicable Legislation

The user of this page and the NBrand Group accept unreservedly that any disagreement or litigation that might result from the use of this webpage shall be governed by Portuguese Law, accepting as competent entity with express waiver of any other, the district court of Oporto, Portugal.

Legal Updates

We reserve the right to alter this Privacy Policy. Please, visit this page regularly to check the information contained in this website and possible additional new information.

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