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Old Houses Restoration

Our country is filled with old houses that given their esthetic, functional and constructive characteristics are worthy of special care and attention when pondering to restore.

The respect and safeguard of the real estate patrimony, whether it be historic or not, is an ever present concern in each house restoration carried out by URBAN OBRAS.

These interventions must include the adaptation to current comfort levels and to modern life demands, ensuring nevertheless the respect of the fundamental characteristics of the building.

The use of ancestral techniques, many of them having been passed on to us by the hands of experienced Portuguese masters, must be combined with the most advanced methods of diagnosis, prevention and reparation of the pathologies inherent to these constructions.

For URBAN OBRAS, the restoration of old houses is a passion and we believe that a careful following of the process may transform it into the solution that is the most economical and suited to your needs.

Contact us to schedule the visit of a URBAN Technician and have access to a proposal and to a rigorous estimate for the restoration of your old house.

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